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 松 涛 館 空 手   IMA Combat Staff / Bo-jutsu Training    松 涛 館 空 手

Nightingale Karate - combat staff weapons group - Halifax

The summer of 2017 saw the 3rd re-introduction of bo-jutsu practice into the club and what a great turn out to the night’s training in applying Karate to the combat staff technique in the senior group. The ten who made the class covered a few basic handling techniques and simple partner drills and as usual, time just beat us to the finish. We look forward to watching the enthusiastic interest grow and hopefully turn into a functioning group with a practical respectful approach to handling the bo (staff). We will continue to organise training around this simple, but yet very effective weapon as long as the interest remains within the senior group. The nights training session saw a consolidation of our previous re-introductions of the staff into the clubs training curriculum. The class focussed on covering basic handling techniques, simple partner drills and where you can apply ‘your Karate technique’ to the movement and application, practicality and functionality of the bo as a weapon.

Independent Martial Arts - Karate combat staff, kara weapons group - Halifax

The bo training is definitely a positive training addition to the study of karate, we covered many elements leaving it at a suitable place and level of understanding for it to be built upon. Remember if you have been practicing Karate you have been using a bo (staff), the only thing is that… you just didn’t have it in your hands! This was be the 3rd time that we have introduced the Bo to the group over the years, it never gained or held the interest or the positive committed approach to practice and understanding which is needed to sustain its use in the dojo, which is required and necessary. The response this time since the summer of 2017 as been very positive and continues to go from strength to strength, even with a few members purchasing their own staffs and really ‘getting to grips’ with it, enjoying the natural resonance between Karate-Jutsu and Bo-Jutsu. We look forward to the interest remaining and continue to grows, as it would makes a nice addition to your practice of Karate, naturally resonating to what you already know and understand! 

IMA Karate black belt

On a side note, as much as training with a staff is directly connected to many sources of martial art systems, alongside many other weapons. It also has a direct link to our own hemisphere through the combat system of the “Old English Quarterstaff”, which makes a nice research topic if you get the time. Please remember that as much as the bo is a great training implement and can bring an added excitement to training, it is also a classed as weapon and should be respected and treated as such, especially when practicing and its transportation. Keep it safe and covered, don’t horse play (ever), work with the instructions, and practice in a designated and safe area. Learn about it and be mindful of the implications of what “Bo-Jutsu” really is, going far back in its history studying its original intentions.


'The bo is a dangerous implement in the hands of anyone, especially a fool and if you cannot respect it, or the rules and instructions which surround it, simply put..  Just don’t pick it up!'


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IMA Combat Staff / Bo-jutsu Training - A Simple Overview 


Our approach and philosophy surrounding training and practicing ‘bo-jutsu’ (combat staff technique) is … To Be Finished - Admin

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