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MP4 conversion is available. Version 3.2.2 allows for even greater flexibility in editing movie files by allowing you to use frame-by-frame editing to create additional movie formats such as MKV, MOV, AVI, and so on. Simply choose the format in the editor's final options window. You can also apply LUTs to videos when converting for ease of editing. Create social media content quickly and easily. Reinvent the way you create and edit photos, video, and music files. Pinnacle VideoSpin makes it easy to: • Edit photos and videos, and create slide shows. • Add watermarks, convert them to a variety of formats, and apply effects. • Organize, tag, and share your creations. • Give your files a professional look with powerful editing tools. • Deliver them to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, as a post or share. • Apply LUTs to video for ease of editing. Pinnacle VideoSpin delivers results quickly and easily. It's easy to use and delivers a vast array of powerful and easy-to-use features to make your creative projects simple and professional.The crew of the new U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise has named the ship’s first two officers. The Enterprise joins an increasing number of U.S. Navy ships bearing female and male officers. Vice Adm. Tom Ostebo has been named commanding officer and Capt. Sarah Stewart will be his first command. STORY: Navy Wants Men and Women in Combat Fleets They are among about 900 officers and 900 enlisted sailors who will be deployed to the Enterprise and work with the ship’s 40 new sailors. Ostebo previously led the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The White House has called on the Navy to increase the number of women in combat jobs in response to a Department of Defense report that found women outperformed men in an Army infantry unit in basic training. The Navy has been rolling out more women for the past decade, starting with the USS Harry S. Truman, a destroyer, which launched in 2014. Follow Alexis on TwitterIn the development of useful polymers, it is well known that the quality of the polymer will be directly related to the molecular weight of the polymer. Accordingly, it is a common practice to control the molecular weight of a polymer




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